Sunday, 11 September 2011

Thoughts on a special day.

And whenever you pray, if you are angry with anyone, forgive them, from your heart, that God the Father, who sees and knows all things and who also is the creator of all living beings, may forgive you your anger.
Anger, like fear and worry are negative emotions that debilitate the mind from thinking rationally, constructively and productively. We were not created to be destructive with our emotions; rather the message from day one of creation is that we are to build up, create and reproduce what God has started.
Your anger may not just be limited to being angry with others, you can be angry with yourself. For instance you may have some habit that you can’t overcome, or others around you may have an annoying habit that winds you up, or even simple things, like your spouse always forgetting something that they promised to do. Start now and forgive yourself your own failings, and see how your world changes. Never let the sun go down on your anger, bring the daylight of forgiveness into your life.
Being angry will not repair broken relationships, only the selfless act of forgiving the aggrieving party, regardless if they intended their act or not, can do that. For more information on forgiveness, see Luke 23v 34.  

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