Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Penitent Heart, is now available to pre-order.

Wow, I'm amazed. My book, The Penitent Heart, one man's journey from despair to hope, is number 29,205 in the Paid in Kindle Store ranking.

Release day for my book is 31st October, so there is still plenty of time to get your order in to be included in the first day release celebration.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Just spent an enlightening couple of hours this morning with the author of this book. He is as interesting and informative to listen to as reading his book. Below is the review I wrote for the book and posted on the Amazon site.

The Innocence of Evil is, to my mind, a guilty pleasure. It is excellently written, plot and character driven and keeps you turning the pages right up to the last page. It is a unique story where you can find characters to love, to hate and wish would just get squished under the tires of Phoebe’s Thunderbird. 

I did blush quietly when reading some off the, tastefully described, colorful passages describing how the older, much experienced, Phoebe educated the young Robert in the art of lovemaking. I chuckled out loud reading about how Robert was going to get even with the evil Mr Flick for stealing Robert’s dinghy. I sweated with apprehension when Phoebe set out to show the Gompert boys what a determined, calculating, woman could do with a car when being tailgated at excessive speed. But in the end, all that guilty pleasure has to be paid for, and it is, with blood.

The Innocence of Evil is one of these books that will grow in stature with time and reading, and is destined to be a classic. I dare you to pick it up and not put it down till you wipe the last spatter of blood from the last page.

Below is the link to the Amazon page.


Friday, 5 September 2014

The Penitent Heart, is one man’s journey from despair to hope. It is the story of Bill, a househusband, who after causing a road traffic accident while being under the influence of alcohol, and where the other driver dies, Bill subsequently suffers an emotional breakdown. He abandons Ruth, his wife of five years, and her three young daughters by her first marriage, to become a cook on a charter yacht bound for the Amazon River.
Bill finds himself sucked into a tale of intrigue. Why has Captain Larsen accepted this unusual charter instead of the regular cruising waters of the Caribbean? And Dr Kaufmann and his team of anthropologists; are they really investigating the effects of low rainfall on the indigenous people of the Amazon River?

The Penitent Heart, is a modern, action packed, sea-faring adventure story about those who Bill meets on his unexpected journey - characters to love and hate, those that live, those that die and those that Bill left behind. And high on the character-list is the mighty Leviathan, 105 feet of rail down, spray tossing, storm defying sail boat.

Bill has run away from home only to find that he can run away from life and his responsibilities but not from himself.

The will soon be on sale from all Amazon channels, and will be available to order through all good bookshops, Just order by title and/or ISBN 978-1501076497.

Pricing and availability will be announced shortly. Look out for the special introductory offers which will include signed printed copies and I will be releasing limited quantities of hardback copies, hand bound by the author, me.