Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bread making, the traditional method.

Back to bread making this weekend. I am trying the Bertinet method, which I have been assured by his excellent book is the traditional way to bake real sour dough bread, so far it seams to be working, now to perfect the crust.
Spent the rest of Saturday working om my new web site, not making much headway, I will get back to it next weekend.
Spent Sunday morning at church, then on to daughter's to see grandson.
Sunday afternoon worked on my novel before going down to the allotment and doing some weeding In the fruit cage, surprised to find strawberries under the weeds, well they were growing quite high.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Step by Step Guitar Making, GMC publishing ISBN 978 86108 696 9

As I have mentioned in an earlier blog, my ISP pulled down my Willis Guitar website yesterday, it was supposed to run until the end of July, sorry if you were going to be ordering a guitar through the website.
I have recently passed my 65th birthday and felt it would be a good point to retire from the hustle and bustle of both making and repairing musical instruments, especially since I am also holding down a part time job, five days a week. I will continue to make guitars and mandolins for my own pleasure and probably sell them on eBay.
I do have a couple of Brazilian Rosewood cutaway models available from stock, please get in touch to arrange to come and try before buying.
If you have questions about instrument making, repairs or my book Step by Step Guitar Making, either the first or the revised and expanded edition please contact me through my email address of "docguitar at". (address modified to beat the creeps that send out spam). I have a few copies of my book available if you would like an autographed copy at £15.00 plus P&P.
I am available to give talks on guitar making and would be happy to do masterclasses if there is enough interest. My guitar making course is fully booked at the moment, I will post information when the next class is giong to start.
As part of retiring I will now be concentrating on creative writing. I have just completed my first novel and am working through the non-ending revisions. As with guitar making I am available to give talks on my experiences in creative writing.

Ask not for whom time passes for it passes for me and thee.

This is an historic weekend, the first since our son Stephen got married to Veronica and we are  babysitting our lovely grandson William, eight months old and full of energy, trying to stand and walk unaided. Here he is with his Aunt Sandra at his Uncle Stephen's wedding.

First Post on the new blog

Welcome to the first post on this, my temporary blog page. I hope that over the next few weeks I will be refining the blog. If you have been looking for Willis Guitars, then I must apologise on behalf of my ISP, they've pulled my Willis Guitars website early, it was to expire next month. After the hassle I had with them charging me for a website I was going to let expire at the end of the contract, I have decided to just let it go and put them on a Strike2 status (that's a baseball reference, one more and they are out.) You can still get in touch with me through the link on this blog (Not yet working, in the mean time try "docguitar at", just replace "at" with @), I'll be happy to answer your guitar making/repair questions.

The new Mr and Mrs Willis, for both Mums and Dads, a very proud moment.

Stephen married the lovely Veronica last weekend at St Michael's mannor in Saint Albans. Fantasic organisation by the bride, her bridesmaids, Stephanie and Sandra, and who could forget the best man Rob Saman.