Saturday, 4 June 2011

First Post on the new blog

Welcome to the first post on this, my temporary blog page. I hope that over the next few weeks I will be refining the blog. If you have been looking for Willis Guitars, then I must apologise on behalf of my ISP, they've pulled my Willis Guitars website early, it was to expire next month. After the hassle I had with them charging me for a website I was going to let expire at the end of the contract, I have decided to just let it go and put them on a Strike2 status (that's a baseball reference, one more and they are out.) You can still get in touch with me through the link on this blog (Not yet working, in the mean time try "docguitar at", just replace "at" with @), I'll be happy to answer your guitar making/repair questions.

The new Mr and Mrs Willis, for both Mums and Dads, a very proud moment.

Stephen married the lovely Veronica last weekend at St Michael's mannor in Saint Albans. Fantasic organisation by the bride, her bridesmaids, Stephanie and Sandra, and who could forget the best man Rob Saman.

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