Friday, 30 September 2011

What makes you tick.

1.       Normal is what we are used to, so if you are not used to what you hear or see you tend to reject it and stay where you are, not growing.
2.       Don’t be-little yourself. You are a unique creation; there is only one of you in existence, what an advantage.
3.       Believe in yourself; remember a long or short journey always starts with the first step.
4.       Be goal-oriented. See the end from the beginning; just fill in the bits in between as you go along, one step at a time.
5.       Don’t get bogged down by a problem, go around it and give the problem a swift kick in the arse as you go past.
6.       Don’t worry; worry is a negative emotion, it is destructive and non-productive. Remember worry never did a day’s work in its life.
7.       Have faith that what we see as an obstacle; can actually be an opportunity to learn and grow.
8.       The words we and others use against us can harm us, just as helpful constructive words can build us up.
9.       How do you start the day, dreading the start or looking forward to new opportunities that the day may bring?
10.   Your past is the fabric of who you are today; use it to your advantage.

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