Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Heathrow Airport 3rd Runway Red Herring

Here's the photo of what it's all about, forget London's Heathrow Airport and the fictitious third runway.

There never will be a third runway at Heathrow, or Boris island. It's all been about Gatwick and Its second runway all the time.

It's the typical method used by our modern governments. First they leak a plan, then deny it and before you know what's happening they've gone and done the deed anyway.

Compare the cost and upheaval of destroying all the roads, houses, hotels, car parks and businesses to build Heathrow's third runway. Also has anyone thought of where all those replacement businesses, car parks and hotels are going to go, in between the runways, I think not.


The millions of tons of spoil that will be dumped in the Thames to build Boris island, has anyone said where its coming from, or what environmental damage it will cost transporting the spoil to site.


The simple job of relocating the maintenance hangers at Gatwick and laying down a second runway. Why do you think most of those commercial buildings by the east end of the airport are lying vacant, have a look the next time you pass on the train.

Write to your MP now and demand a NO TO THE SECOND RUNWAY AT GATWICK. Do it now before it's too late.

Why do you think that the Prime Minister Mr Cameron is dithering, he doesn't want to be embarrassed by doing another "U" turn.

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