Monday, 25 February 2019

Hi Diddly Dee, Its the Writers Life for Me.

I have decided to move away from making comments on Facebook and post them here on my blog. Facebook may be a fun place to post pictures of your doggy, or your dinner, but I find the posts disappear as soon as they are posted.

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The book covers below are my current titles. The fourth title in the Buchanan series, "The Reluctant Jockey", is almost complete and I hope to have it published within the next few weeks. After that momentous occasion will be the start of number five in the Buchanan series, "The Missing Heiress".
 “The Penitent Heart,” is one man’s journey from despair to hope. It is the story of Bill, a hapless househusband, who while being under the influence of alcohol causes a road traffic accident, and the subsequent death of the other driver. Overloaded with stress and guilt, Bill suffers a debilitating emotional breakdown. Bill abandons his wife, Ruth, and her three young daughters by her first marriage, to become a cook on a charter yacht bound for the Amazon.

For Eastbourne guitar maker Jack Nevis, tomorrow is a foreign country. Yet today, living and working on the Osprey, a rust encrusted WW2 tugboat, are memories, safety, and home. Woken by the sound of a gunshot, Jack finds a body in his workshop and is immediately thrust into a world of dead Pharaohs, looted Nazi gold, and a damsel in distress, Nancy. Does Nancy really want to learn how to make a guitar? Or is she being coerced into to finding out if the much sought after falcon figurine of Horus and the Nazi gold are secreted somewhere on the Osprey? Chased from Eastbourne to the highlands of Scotland and back on their quest to find the falcon and gold, can Jack and Nancy keep one step ahead of those who seek the Falcon and gold for their own evil ends?
Glasgow cop, DCI Jack Buchanan is in Eastbourne, seconded to Sussex CID. His task is to investigate the death of an unidentified young woman found floating in the Marina and also the death of a Sussex Detective Sergeant, drowned in the harbour while still seat belted in his car. When he walked the beat in the Gorbals as a young PC, Jack’s idea of street justice was to take the miscreant down a dark alley, thump some sense into them, and send them on their way. Now, like a fish out of water, and in the genteel surroundings of Eastbourne, would Buchanan be in time to catch the killers before they strike again?
In spite of being trapped between the never-ending pressure from above to retire, and the need to quickly resolve the latest, cold blooded murder. Buchanan grits his teeth and doggedly forges ahead with the investigation. Was the gruesome death of the businessman a one off, performed by some sadistic killer? Or was it a macabre message to those who think they can step out of line? 
Who sprayed superglue onto DS Street’s hair just weeks before her marriage to PC Hunter. Was it a warning of worse things to come if they didn’t back off? Come join Buchanan and his indomitable team of, DS Street, PC’s Hunter and Dexter as they unpick the truth from the warp and weft of lies and deceit spread before them.
Recovering from a very bad car crash, Buchanan takes his wife Karen on a two-week luxury cruise through the Dutch and Belgian canals. During the cruise, an English couple go missing. When their cabin is searched, blood stained female clothing is found but there is no trace of her, or her partner. Instead of shore trips, relaxing at the bar and reading, Buchanan is thrust into investigating the mystery of what happened in cabin 312.

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