Sunday, 9 October 2011

Steam On

Had a wonderful weekend in Leeds celebrating Joyce and Malcolm's 50th wedding anniversary. We travelled up and back by train. As we were getting ready to depart from Leeds station two beautiful restored steam trains pulled into the station. It made me sit up and notice, I borrowed this picture from a scan on Google, I believe it was one of the two that I saw, thank you to whoever took this wonderful shot, sorry it didn't say on Google.
The reason for my excitement was twofold. It is always a joy for me to see working steam, for as a boy I spent many hours wandering round the Polmadie engine sheds in Glasgow, and the second is, for years I have dreamt of steam trains and railway lines and these dreams usually equate to my thoughts on where my career is going. On Sunday when I saw the two trains a startling thought charged through my mind,

'If you can Dream it, You can Do it.'

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